Trends: Step & Repeat

It’s nothing new to the event world, but “Step and Repeats” and/or Photo Booths are becoming increasingly popular inclusions at benefit auctions to present that added paparazzi flare! It is a great addition that allows your guests to get into the excitement of the evening and have something special to take home with them as a memento at the end of the night! More importantly for your organization, the inclusion of a Step and Repeat/Photo Booth is an Additional Revenue Generator to increase dollars raised at your event! It is a fundraiser you are putting together after all!

Most often, Step and Repeats/Photo Booths are placed as a destination point for guests as they enter the event, or just following the Registration and Check-In stations. This placement allows for your Registration staff to explain to your guests that they can have their photo taken right then and there, and then have the opportunity to pick the photo up at Check-Out at the end of the night!

Erin Doherty Ward, Keely Montgomery and Holly Gits are enjoying a night of fun at the 2010 Power of the Purse Auction!

The photo above was taken at the Girls Inc., 2010 Power of the Purse Auction. As you can see, a Step and Repeat/Photo Booth can be a fantastic way to include additional Sponsor incentives and opportunities, allowing for your lead sponsor(s) to have yet another avenue of exposure by placing their logo(s) on the backdrop.


Erin Doherty Ward and Keely Montgomery had their photos taken at the 2011 Public Interest Law Project Auction at Lewis & Clark College

If your auction and event has a certain theme attached to it, the Step and Repeat/Photo Booth is another way to incorporate that theme! At the recent Public Interest Law Project auction, Paparazzi Tonight (one of several photo booth service providers throughout Portland) provided thematic props and fantastic photos for guests to go along with the event’s Speakeasy/Roaring 20’s theme!


Johnna Wells and Portland Trail Blazer, Nicolas Batum at Foundation Batum's Mama of Africa Auction and Event

And finally, if your auction and event has any level of celebrity involvement, this is yet another reason why guests will want to have their picture taken at the Step and Repeat/Photo Booth! At the Foundation Batum Mama of Africa Auction and Event, which took place this past March, Portland Trail Blazer, Nicolas Batum happily posed with guests for a photo as they completed their auction and event registration and entered the event. Who wouldn’t want to have their photo taken with the charming Mr. Nicolas Batum?

If you’re interested in including this element to your upcoming auction and event, below is a short list of links to some local businesses offering the service:

Paparazzi Tonight

The Original Photobooth

If your organization already has a partnership established with a local photographer and printing company, see if you can pull together a Step and Repeat of your own to enhance your next event, and provide your premium level sponsors with an additional platform to showcase their support and involvement for your auction and event!