ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Takes Fundraising to New Heights!

Unless you’ve been taking up residence on another planet, in another galaxy, you’ve heard about the now infamous, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Since the inception of this social media fundraising platform on July 20, 2014, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised more than 115 MILLION DOLLARS to continue their efforts in fighting Lou Gehrig’s Disease on every front!

Jimmy Fallon

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon took the ice bucket challenge, alongside house band The Roots, and fellow guests!

Celebrities, soccer mom’s, children, and business professionals alike, all geared up to participate in this unique form of fundraising!

But what exactly made this fundraising campaign so unique? For starters – Facebook.

Within one month, over 15 million had been exposed to this fundraising platform, and the social media pressures extended to family and friends to participate in this chilling form of fundraising, received unparalleled support and a whirlwind of participation. I was certainly swept up into the fundraising momentum, and inspired to participate as well!


In July of 2013, the ALS Association raised just $2.8 million in their fundraising efforts. In July of 2014, the ALS Association had raised $31.5 million total – in one month alone – a remarkable departure from the previous year’s fundraising efforts during the same time frame, and the first successful advocacy campaign ever created to raise deserving awareness of the devastating effects of ALS – a neurodegenerative disease that causes people to lose control of muscle movement, which often leads to paralysis and death within two to five years of being diagnosed.

The only FDA-approved drug for treatment, riluzole (Rilutek), extends survival by a matter of months, which is why the magnitude of support generated from this innovative form of fundraising now known as the Ice Bucket Challenge is providing those living with and affected by ALS with an epic sense of hope – the hope for a tomorrow that’s free from ALS.

As you and your team explore fundraising options, take a cue from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The next big fundraising idea could begin with YOU!