360’s Everyday Philanthropist’s – Celeste Hamilton Dennis and Craig Dennis!

It’s there. That opportunity to extend good will. That chance to rise to the occasion. That moment when a simple action –  entirely authentic and built upon what’s right and true, can generate momentum and snowball into something so completely magical that it spills out into the masses, inspiring all that have the good fortune of seeing such a beautiful thing transpire.

Celly & Craig

This past June, 360 friends Celeste Hamilton Dennis and Craig Dennis organized a cash mob – where people flood a small, local business, and pledge to support it –  and what transpired was priceless.

In support of a beloved retailer in Celeste’s hometown of Levittown, N.J, Celeste and her husband, Craig, hatched a loving call to action to surround a local businessman, “Avi”, with a wealth of support that extended well beyond monetary measure.

Celeste and Craig are do-gooders by day, sharing their heartfelt talents at Idealist.org, and Treehouse, respectively, so it was no surprise that they launched forth with such a genuine plan to show a local retailer just how much he means to the community.

As a contributing writer for Everybody’s Invited, Celeste wrote about her plans for Avi’s cash mob, and outlined a step by step cash mob guide in hopes that you’re inspired to do the same.

In the post, Celeste states, “Like many small businesses on Long Island and across the U.S., he’d come up on hard times and was likely going to shut the store down. So we saw this as an opportunity to show just how loved and supported he was in Levittown and in the process, hopefully give him some extra cash.”

The result was renewed hope for Avi, and this short documentary.