Benefit Auctions 360 is a fundraising auction consulting and event production firm. Founded in 2005, we partner with over seventy nonprofits and foundations in their annual fundraising efforts to achieve successful and sustainable fundraising results. Whether your goals entail raising a hundred thousand dollars, or several million dollars, Benefit Auctions 360 will creatively and effectively assist you on your road to success.

Staff and/or committee hours can quickly become engulfed by the overall demands of planning for a successful fundraising auction and event. Your resources are often more effectively served cultivating and maintaining a strong donor and attendance base for your upcoming fundraising event. Our talented team of consultants, internationally acclaimed auctioneers, and production managers will work with you throughout your entire 360 degrees of planning activity, providing you with proven strategies needed to prepare for and maximize your fundraising potential.

Our 360 team provides insightful, innovative, and revenue generating approaches to ensure winning results. Our Art of Fundraising approach creates a profitable relationship with your supporters of today, allowing you to build greater partnerships for tomorrow.

Learn more about our services: 360 Degrees of Strategic Consultation