A Little Bit of Lighting Can Go A Loooooong Way!

March 28, 2012

As a full-spectrum fundraising company, we often do not suggest that our clients devote too much of their budget toward line items that do not yield a clear return on the dollar. One such area can fall under the category of  event decor.  However, there ARE ways to set the mood or add to the thematic element of your event on a budget.  One of the most effective areas to do so is to incorporate the right kind of LIGHTING!

The photo above was taken at the recent auction and event for Childpeace Montessori School, held at Pure Space. Our local Portland rental and production company, West Coast Event Productions, helped set the mood for their theme, A Grimm & Grey Fairytale by projecting gobos of trees to allow guests to feel that they were in a forest.

At another recent auction for Lewis & Clark Law School, the students putting on the event added LED lighting on the food displays (catering was beautifully done by Mezzaluna) to help add to the Bollywood theme.

We have so many fabulous resources for lighting rentals in Portland, some of which are:

Hollywood Lighting

West Coast Event Productions


Be a Do-Gooder!

March 16, 2012

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One of the most wonderful aspects of our jobs here at Benefit Auctions 360, LLC is having the opportunity to partner with a wide range of organizations who’s collective mission is to improve upon some aspect of the world we live in.  There truly seems to be an organization for every cause and with open and carrying hearts every one of them is making our world a better place.

Often when I tell people what I do, they say something like, “Wow that sounds really inspiring to be surrounded by so much philanthropy.” And it does. But, do you want to know what feels even better? Taking part in the collective force to make the world a better place! Not only by becoming a passive do-gooder and giving to the cause that inspires you, but by taking action in our everyday lives, and by volunteering!

Our team here at BA360 recently decided to start up a regular blog post categorized under “Helping Hands.” Through this, we hope to inspire random acts of kindness and organized do-good activities that you can implement in your every day lives! This is the kind of living that we believe in! So, we hope you will join us and join that collective force to improve upon this beautiful world we live in.

Did you know that more than 200 million people around the world volunteer? The motivation to do so may come from many different places, but the important thing is that they are doing it! Over five years ago, I began volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters and I was continually humbled by how much I seemed to learn from the experience about myself and about life in general. Though we are no longer enrolled in the program, as she is now in college, we continue to keep in regular contact.  My years of involvement taught me the importance of community service and most of all, I learned that our hearts don’t have limits or boundaries when it comes to love and kindness.

There are so many fabulous organizations in the Pacific Northwest and around the world just waiting for you to volunteer with them. To find out which one might be the best fit for you and which organizations currently are in need, visit www.idealist.org and start browsing through the many volunteer opportunities! It is a fantastic resource to know about — they essentially connect people who want to make a difference in our world with like-minded individuals and organizations.

Stay tuned here on our blog as we continue to share ideas on ways to make a difference and be inspired to be a do-gooder!