Is There Such a Thing as an Auction Season?

July 2, 2010

auctioneer_line drawing

Benefit auctions typically run in seasons closely following the Public Schools Calendar – in our case, the Portland Public Schools Calendar. We have our Fall Auction Season which begins after Labor Day weekend and continues on until the Thanksgiving break, followed by the Winter Auction Season starting in late January moving through the beginning of Spring Break, and finally the Spring Auction Season following Spring Break and wrapping up in early June.

The reason for the trend of Auction Seasons is due in part to a large population of the donor base having children in school who tend to travel during the summer and school holidays.

However, this trend does not apply to all organizations. There are many groups, take for example the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, where it actually works in their favor to hold their auction in the summer months — a time when the weather lends itself to bike riding.

So, when planning your Benefit Auction, think about The Three W’s of your organization to help decide what date works best for you:

1) WHO are your donors and supporters?

2) WHAT is most appealing to your target audience?

3) WHY do guests support your cause?

Answering these three questions can help you in selecting a date that works best for your group. Happy auction planning, and remember that Benefit Auctions 360 is here to help!